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Happy Valentines Day Baby and Toddler Girls Shirt

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Happy Valentines Day Baby and Toddler Girls Shirt
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NB Long Sleeve
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3M Long Sleeve
3M Short Sleeve
6M Long Sleeves
6M Short Sleeves
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9M Short Sleeve
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This Happy Valentines Day top has glitter red words and a red heart.  Fun for a Valentines day outfit.  Long or Short Sleeves available!


***SS- Short Sleeves

***LS - Long Sleeves


Size Weight (lb)

NB 6-9 lb

3M 9-12. lb

6M 12.-17 lb

9M 17-21 lb

12M 21-25 lb

18M 25-28 lb

24M 28- 30 lb


T- Shirt Sizes

Size Length Width

2T -- - 14   -- 12

3T -- - 15 - -- 13

4T -- - 16 - -- 14

5/6 -- - 18.5 - -- 15